Hi Carolyn, I purchased your exercise kit 3 months ago and let me tell you, this WORKS!  I am 60 years old and my daughter, who is 42, told me I looked her age. …  I always looked younger than my age, but she grabbed me a week ago (at that three month phase that you spoke about) and asked me if I had something done to my face!  She thought I had some type of cosmetic work done. LOL!  I have never done anything and don't feel that I ever would.  I always seek alternative/natural means and believe there is an alternative.  While I had done facial exercises, I never found any that work as well as yours!  I am actually anxious to do them now, as I see real results!  I am excited to see subtle, but sure, changes daily.  This is GREAT!  I feel I have a noninvasive hope for my face not sagging and wrinkling, as I grow older.  Thank you so much for this!!!!!   I am also doing the hand exercises, because I can see my face is younger than my hands. Thank you!  Pamela
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