Hi Carolyn, I have been doing your facial exercises on and off over the past few years but have recently been doing them consistently. I got onto do them when I had Bell's Palsy and my doctor told me to try some face exercises to regain strength. After I healed I continued on and I am often told I look younger than my 36 years. Thank you for such a wonderful program. I have tried some others but found little muscular pouches developing next to my mouth and also a deepening of the naso/labial lines. I think the gripping the muscle at the corner of the mouth did this whereas the sliding in your jowl exercise appears to prevent it. Also your neck exercises are wonderful, I started to see a weakening in that area but after doing the exercises it has all firmed up to the tone similar to in my 20's. …
I love the exercise routine and just want to make sure I am making the most of it. Thanks again for the wonderful program. I feel so much more confident about getting older, especially when I see your gorgeous photos. Sincerely, Melanie
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