Hi Carolyn, It has been 3 and a half months now. And my dark circles are so much lighter, also under the eyes are starting to fill in, my skin tone is better, eye lids have lifted a little, jowls are starting to lift slightly. I can feel the strength and more firmness in my facial muscles, it feels so good. I get this tingling sensation in my checks when I am not exercising, what is this, as it feels good anyway? (The tingling sensation is natural. Just the tissue is building and strengthening and the body feels it as a kind of "itching" or tingling feeling. Many of my clients, including myself, when we miss our exercises for too long, we'll get this tingling/itching feeling in the face and neck. It's also often especially felt within the first year of exercising. I always say it's my face throwing a tantrum to be exercised. Chuckle) Thanks so much for always being here for me........ Much love Kathy
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