Hi, Carolyn! ... My skin has certainly improved ten fold and as my lines were deep character lines. I know they are in the widening state and are on their way to smoothing out.  I'm hoping in another year they will be considerably less.  My eyes are my weakest area as when I smile I have serious laughing lines.  My bags have improved and I'm looking forward to the end of the next 6 months for further improvement.   I find I look forward to my youth jumps as they really do happen but I have to wait til the very end of each 3 month period and it took a full 6 months before I noticed any improvement in my bags, but hey when it does happen it's all worth it. Kindest regards, Jenny


Hi, Carolyn, Well I've come to the end of doing the Jowl (lifting) routine for two months.  They are nearly there.  My left side wasn't as bad as the right jowl and is 95% there and my right jowl is about 85% there.  The most noticeable difference is when I slide my fingers up from the jaw there is hardly any skin rolling up - it's so much firmer now.
… Hopefully another month will do it as they are nearly there.  It will be so good to tighten that area up completely, and in only three months, hopefully.  As the CFF programme is a slow process it's nice to be able to see these amazing results with a little bit of extra work in such a short time.  It certainly helps knowing that I just have to keep going…
Thank you again Carolyn for your wonderful programme.  I'm starting to feel a little more confident now as things keep improving.  I'm hoping my bags will finally be gone at the end of the next 3 month period.  Hugs, Jenny

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