Hi Carolyn, I wanted to report to you the good news on your new exercises you so kindly shared with me.  My background with facial exercises is:  1.  I am your age.  2.  I worked with another program for about 1 1/2 years.  3.  I have worked with your program about the same amount of time up until the present. 
I so enjoy your program and have done much better with it.  I love only doing the exercise once a day and found it hard to have to do them twice a day as the other program required.  As I told you before I have had a lot of facial sag and am thin ... so don't have a lot of facial fat.  Your exercises have helped a great deal up to this time, but I still have had the droop around the mouth and loose skin under the chin.
Well, not to go off forever .... the new exercises are fantastic. (This routine is coming out in the December 2010 Newsletter so everyone who already owns CFFitness will be getting a video of how to do it.) I did notice some difference in 2 weeks.  I decided to go 4 weeks and then write to you. 
What I have noticed is a definite tightening around the jaw, neck and "wahoo" even some around the mouth.  All this in such a short time.  I believe I am doing the exercises correctly and I have to say they are fast and actually feel really good while doing them.  Nice added benefit.  A very annoying cord in the neck (one side only) seems to be receding.  When I look at my profile and especially when I lower my head I can see easily less sag.  Even putting my hand under my chin feels of firmer skin.  Another interesting benefit has been the lines above my lip which seemed to have been getting worse are actually lessening.  You can just imagine how pleased I am with this much result in such a little amount of time.  You are really onto something.  I am very grateful for your sharing this with me.  I will be happy to keep in touch with progress and let me know if I can help you in any other way.  Yours joyfully. Jan L 
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