As usual, Carolyn, I have to take my hat off to you. Life has gotten in the way of my self care and I must admit I haven’t done the 14 min workout in a very long time… probably a year! On vacation last week I was alarmed to realize I was starting to develop a turkey neck and I freaked out a little. While searching the internet for solutions I saw mention of specific exercises to do (none of them were yours, by the way), and I realized I should of course return to regular CFF practice! Well, after just two days I no longer have the turkey neck! (She sent me photos and to note – muscles have memory and so she was able to get back her smooth neck very fast!) The first photo doesn’t show the full horror of the developing turkey neck at all, but it was quite significant and noticeable with the two characteristic “sides” with center dimple. … Thank you, as always!
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