In your research for methods of updating your face, please consider Carolyn's Facial Fitness.com. There are wonderful "before and after" photos, and a friendly, no pressure environment.  The price is REALLY reasonable.
I've used her exercises on-and-off for about three years.  You're supposed to use them 15-minutes-a-day, but I'm a slacker and do them in spurts. :-( I'd say I have about 45% of my face that is younger looking and more firm ... and that's just using selected exercises and my "hit and miss" (shame on me) routine for about six months. Now that I'm pushing 72, I've decided to quit messing around with nature and just start the full 15 minute routine.
I especially like the look I get from her Jowl Lift exercises and I was amazed that ALL of that crinkly loose skin under my eyes firmed up quickly.  When I laid off the exercises for about 2-3 weeks, it came right back, so I know it was the exercises that eliminated them initially.
Carolyn tells you on the site that this is a method of reversing the sags, not eliminating them permanently.  That's good enough for me.  I have a horror of being unwrapped from some skin process and finding myself blotched with white spots.
She's also just introduced an exercise for un-wrinkling your hands.  If you're a hand freak like me, you'll love it!  Helen
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