Hi Carolyn, Georgina here.  Hope you  are well. I am exercising my face 5 times a week . Beginning to get used to it now. People I haven’t seen for a while are making lots of wonderful comments on how well  and young I look, they are looking at me questionably, often with a puzzled look!! I tell them I have had my hair restyled, true, also got a bit of sun on my body, then I tell them about my Facial Fitness. Then they say yes now I can put my finger on the changes in you, My husband has noticed also and is very encouraging!! Wow, I personally can only see a slight change around my jaw line, which I am very happy with.
I look at my face all the time, so will not see what others see.
I confess that I still do the fitness sitting up following you. I know I should be lying down by now.
Can you tell me when to send you more photos, I am loosing track of time.
So a big Thank you to you!! Lots of love. Georgina
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