Evaluation by Anonymous

I was and still am incredibly impressed by Carolyn's program and her website. She has far and away the most believable, impressive, and inspiring array of before-during-and-after photos I have ever seen on any facial exercise site, with equally inspiring and believable testimonials. Her website also provides a great deal of information, with a very helpful FAQ, free sample exercises, and a thorough bio of how Carolyn developed her program. The exercises and techniques are not unique to her - the elements can be found in a variety of other programs - but she picked and chose and arranged in a way that is very thorough, balanced, and well-thought-out.
The materials are absolutely excellent IMO. There's a set of flash cards for each exercise - with a photograph depicting the move, not a drawing - a "cheat sheet" which I use every time I do the routine (actually, I typed up my own copy with additions, so I wouldn't beat up the flash card) and a booklet with a variety of additional exercises to include once the basic program is mastered. The DVD shows Carolyn herself demonstrating each exercise - including all recommended reps - and is extremely helpful. There are also CDs to use when one does the routine lying down, as Carolyn recommends (I can't remark on these as I am deaf so don't use them).
Carolyn also includes a technique I haven't seen used in any other program, called "rubbing out the wrinkles," which I've found seems to work surprisingly well on my forehead lines and have now started to experiment with on my neck rings.
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