Hi Carolyn, I have been using your exercise system since the end of april 19 (nearly 2 months). I am happy to say that it indeed has an effect.
I just turned 37 years old. I am a very fit person with a healthy lifestyle and in general I did not consider that I had any problems with aging. However, I started using some (sic) products 4 months ago to get rid of an operation scar. I learned about facial fitness via the Chat on this website. As I am doing yoga I was immediately convinced that I had to try this. I really like the video and the flash cards. It is a very efficient way to learn.
The first effect I have experienced is that I can relax my face and get rid of residual stress.  I often frown when I am concentrating and it is difficult for me to relax my jaw and front. It makes it easier to meditate and relax completely.
Now after 2 months I can see that my face is firmer and the tone is getting better. My skin is glowing more as after a 1h workout. Best regards, Elin
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