Hi Carolyn, Thanks for your all your advice and encouragement. I am a bit relieved that you are of the opinion that my eyelid sagging is just temporary and that it will eventually return to normal. (She had used Botox® and when it wore off, her eyelids were sagging)
I am so excited that I came across your site on the web because I love doing the exercises and I am no longer fearful of ageing. Your program is so thorough and offers exercises that address every area of the face and neck and the resistance techniques are very effective.
I also appreciate your personal touch and support and your quick response to my queries. Sadly, it's not often that providers/companies offer such a great service.
100000 thanks for a wonderful product and service. Lots of hugs, Cindy


Hi Carolyn, I hope you are keeping well. For your interest, I have been in discussions with various women on the net regarding their Botox® disasters on a site called Realself and many of them are struggling to restore their faces after Botox® damage. Their muscles are weak and their faces are drooping and looking awful.

I have highly recommended your programme to all of them because I have no doubt that your exercises will restore their muscle functioning and improve their facial features and skin texture. I am very impressed with my wonderful results and I continue to see improvement on a regular basis. It is very exciting and I am so thankful that I came across your website and that I purchased your wonderful DVD. I have also raved about the brilliant service you offer and I sincerely hope that you receive loads of orders from it. Good luck and thanks for everything. Take care, Cindy


Hi Carolyn, I have attached two pictures of myself so that you can see how much better I am looking since starting the programme. The photo of me in the orange is an old photo and the one of me standing in front of rocks is a very recent one (taken two weeks ago).   In the latest photo my cheeks are more defined, the puffiness under my eyes has gone and my skin looks much better – I generally look fresher. The old photo is not so clear, but I can assure that there has been major improvement since I started the CFF system three months ago.
You look absolutely fabulous in the Today’s Show clip, so attractive and glowing… it's very hard to believe that you are 64. You are such an inspiration.   Thanks again for the wonderful exercise programme and all the best.


Hi Carolyn,  I hope that you are keeping well. I hope that orders for your facial fitness programme have increased quite a bit. I have been spreading the word on the RealSelf site about your wonderful package and how effective your exercises are in restoring the muscles of the face, thus creating a youthful appearance.
Many people on the site had Botox injections and have experienced awful effects such as muscle atrophy, facial sagging, cheek ptosis, new wrinkles, loose skin etc, even months after Botox is meant to have worn off and your programme is helping them to strengthen and build up the muscles in their faces post Botox. Many of these ladies are under 40 and have experienced accelerated aging due to Botox. Word is spreading that your programme is effective and many people on the site are raving about the results and recommending others to purchase it. There are also many visitors to the site who read the posts and follow the given advice. The posts remain on the RealSelf site for many years, so I'm sure that you will continue to receive on going orders from RealSelf members and readers because there are more and more people who are suffering adverse effects from Botox and they are desperate to restore their damaged faces.   Thanks once again for a great facial fitness programme and I wish you all the best. Take care, Cindy

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