Hi Carolyn, I am just writing to say that I have been using the products and doing the exercises now for a few weeks. The products are wonderful, my skin feels like butter and I can see the improvement myself. My friend asked me the other day what I'm doing to my skin as it looks great. I told her.. and it's true the products are lovely… what I like is that your products are mostly organic.
Yes I do the Circle-up) rub up  and I have to say my skin is not quite flawless, but it looks extremely good, not muddy as before, the circulation is better so I have rosy cheeks .. All in all I am very happy with it all. I am a little older than you and it's taken me years to find the right product. I don't like the mass produced products as I don't believe they are pure. I agree with you that it will only get better, if my skin is like this now, I cannot imagine how it will be in six months time. I will keep you updated... Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful new year …with best wishes, Carole
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