Dear Carolyn, Yes!  Yes! Yes!  That is EXACTLY what I was saying to myself.  It was only a few months into the program when I could actually FEEL the difference in having facial muscle tone again.  When I smiled I could feel the increased lift to mouth and cheeks.   I enjoyed "flexing" my smile and did so more often. I noticed that people were smiling back. 
It was about that time when I was on my daily walk with my dog and two passers-by smiled at us and I overheard one comment "she's pretty".  Now, it is possible that they were referring to my adorable dog who IS very pretty but no matter, what was important that my daily interactions now included more positive feedback!  Happiness inside reflecting outward and being reflected back- basic Yoga philosophy at work here.
I have to say that when I first started the exercises it felt like I was just manipulating a tired and sagging face but it was fairly soon when I began to feel some muscle tone under the skin. I am following the exercises everyday and enjoy the results of increased confidence and self-esteem.
Thank you for a wonderful program.
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