Dearest Carolyn, I have to share this with you :) I purchased your CFF full kit in December 2007, and have been doing the exercises gradually until I could do them using the pacing CD. Today, February 12, 2008, I had a facial; the first time my esthetician saw me since I started your program. Argh, I am 45, and have inherited those awfully drooping jowls :( and premature wrinkles :(, my esthetician felt really sorry for me.) WELL, today she was not sorry...she was curious...she was amazed. She could see and feel that my jowls had gotten tighter...asked me what happened...and when I told her that I do CFF 15 min 5-7 days a week, she was so inspired that I am sure she will purchase your CFF kit soon :) :) I cannot thank you enough. What a blessing you are, Carolyn. I love CFF!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU! Sincerely, -Anne

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