The Story Behind Carolyn’s Facial Fitness

When I was 52 years old I looked at my face. I realized that gravity was well at work. At this point I had no idea that facial fitness programs even existed. My beautiful mom had plastic surgery when she was my age and ended up looking permanently surprised by the time she was 70.  She had distorted her face with so many surgeries that she was barely recognizable.  This path was not for me.  I found myself on a quest to improve my face not only without surgery, but without Botox (which may atrophy the muscles beyond repair) or Restylane injections. I wanted a complete and natural facial skin care treatment that worked!

Trying Alternative Gadgets

To begin with I bought the gadgets that use an electric charge to stimulate the facial muscles. While I saw some improvement—a little smoothing out of the wrinkles—holding these “things” to my face for one hour a day was just too inconvenient (not to mention unnatural). Isometrics alone were not effective enough. I needed something that would not only get rid of wrinkles, dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes, a double chin and more, but also give me a healthy complexion.  I wanted a non-surgical facelift—a wrinkle free skin care system that worked! I hadn’t found it, yet.

Discovering Facial Exercises

Next, I discovered facial exercises. I bought about a dozen face exercise programs that were on the market at the time, including the books and the videos. All of them had something to offer, but nothing was really complete in my eyes. The facial exercise programs were either too short, too long, not working fast enough, or they didn’t firm up my entire face nor address the wrinkles around my neck. I still wanted a natural skin care program that would be thorough, as well as easy to learn and easy to use.

Creating My Own Program

This was when I decided to develop my own face exercises into a workable system. During this process I had discovered the benefits of muscle resistance training. Face exercises based on muscle resistance gave me the more dramatic result for which I was searching. I resolved to base my program on this principle.

It was also at this time that I discovered Dr. Frederick Rossiter M.D.’s little book, "Face Culture" (out of print 1976). He said since the muscles of the face go through the skin so we can show facial expressions, if you first contract the muscles and slide across the skin in resistance, you will not only firm and tone the muscles, but you will achieve an elegant and balanced look to the face. He was right.  It works wonderfully well.

I also wanted to use some isometric exercises as part of my facial exercise program to further tone and enhance the beauty of the face, neck and skin. I was striving to develop a program that was not only effective, but would give my face an even, balanced and elegant look, as well. My program not only tones the facial muscles, as in the jowl area, creating lift, it also addresses those pesky little lines that like to form around the lips.

As I designed my facial exercises, my face firmed up, my wrinkles smoothed out and they eventually all but disappeared. My skin was glowing with a new radiance. The lines in my neck virtually evaporated and that papery-skin look I was beginning to get had vanished. My neck exercises were working well! My double chin was completely gone.

No eye lift, no cosmetic surgery could give me this beautiful, natural look I was getting from exercising my face.  I now was getting back that “open eye” look of my youth. The double eyelid was becoming a thing of the past. All my friends wanted to know what I was doing to look younger, so I told them. I had discovered face exercises! My friends begged me to teach them what I was doing.  Since I was a teacher at heart, I wanted to share it with them. And so, my facial exercise Workshops were born.

Developing the Right Combination of Facial Exercises to Get the Best Results

How many times have you bought “something” and when you got “it” home, you didn’t use it?  When designing my facial exercise program I had to take this problem into account. It took me three years to develop a facial exercise program that would cover all the muscles in the face and neck completely and only take 15 minutes a day to do.  That was the time limit I found that I was willing to devote to firming my face on a daily basis.

I also wanted to be sure the CFF™ program gave the best-looking build to the face, which was something I noticed the other facial exercise programs did not give. They were ALL spot exercising, resulting in either bulky looking faces, awkward stages or not having noticeable results at all. I then tested many of the facial exercises not only on myself, but on a group of 6 people of different ages, genders and ethnicity.  I wanted to see the result each individual facial exercise gave to the face. I then put those tested results into a comprehensive program.

Since the physiology for the face is essentially the same for both men and women, I was able to design a facial exercise program that gives the most even, balanced and attractive build on the face offered on the market, today for both genders.

I decided to develop a facial and neck exercise course that would fit into the working person’s lifestyle, as well.  Therefore, the facial exercises are designed to be finished in a 15-minute session. Each session is practiced as often as once a day or as little as three times a week. And, because it’s only 15 minutes and a CD assists you, you’ll find that you have time to easily do them. Of course, the DVD where I personally demonstrate how the face and neck exercises are done, makes the CFF™ program easy to learn and easy to use! The workbook is full of facial skin care beauty tips, as well! There are even color, photo-illustrated Flashcards for easy reference to all the exercises. It’s a complete anti-aging skin care treatment!

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