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Did you know that the physiology for the face and neck are basically the same for both men and women? This is why the CFF system is great for both sexes. You can achieve a commanding, powerful and younger look that is very natural and enhances your appearance easily with facial exercises.

Why should men care about this in this day and age? Well, the list could be quite long, but essentially the main reasons are:

First, he is more apt to be up for a promotion in his job when he looks younger and more fit.

Secondly, he is accepted by his peers as having more value and weight with his ideas when he doesn’t look too tired and old and

lastly, the opposite sex is more attracted to a powerful, fit-looking guy than not.

What Men Are Saying About Facial Exercises

I realized that about 25% of my clientele are men. Yes 25%! And while I have many women willing to allow me to post their before and after photos, I’ve found the men are a little reluctant to be up on the World Wide Web.

Take a look at Salvatore Zambito. He looks terrific and has a nice story to tell. "Carolyn’s Facial Fitness regimen exercises all the superficial muscles of the face and many of the deep ones. The sequence is clear, straightforward and produces an enjoyable refreshing effect. In fact, since I’ve been doing the exercise program, one of my students asked me if I was getting younger. Carolyn is a skilled presenter who will guide you through her program comprehensively and with a lot of fun."

Sigi also has a story to tell how he improved his appearance with Carolyn’s Facial Fitness. "When my wife told me that she wanted to start doing facial exercises, I wasn’t so sure about it, but after she did them already for only 14 days I could see clearly some results. Her face got tighter and a certain new freshness came in. Soon I saw her little wrinkles around her mouth disappearing.

From that point on my doubts about the effectiveness of facial exercises disappeared too. I noticed that every three months she made a kind of jump after which it seemed to be obvious that she looked younger again. It was otherwise a slow gradual process."

Suddenly, younger men got interested in my wife. This truly amazed me. The pinnacle experience was a man – I guessed him about 27 – in a hardware store in Germany. I couldn’t believe it when he treated me as if I was my wife’s father. I still think he was somehow diluted, but I frequently saw men in their mid and end thirties flirting with her. She was already in her mid-fifties!

After the incident in Germany I got somehow concerned that I might be looking too old for my wife, therefore I decided to do facial exercises for myself. As I did the exercises, I noticed that my hanging eyelids moved slowly but steadily up. My nose got less lumpy and more defined. The upper line of my two forehead lines disappeared completely and the lower one got much less.

My skin got a certain fresh glow and I had the impression that my lips got a little fuller and more colorful. A permanent full beard covers the rest of my face. The best proof I have that I must have looked younger was when younger women started to flirt with me.

Since I am personally not so interested in looking younger, I did the facial exercise program for only 9 months. Even after 3 years of stopping, I can still see some benefits. My two forehead lines are still much less and my eyelids are still hanging less.

Besides the fact that my wife clearly doesn’t look her age, I got the most impressed with what happened to her forehead. She was in an explosive accident when her forehead was burned and permanently damaged many years ago. She developed an unusually large number of deep forehead lines. Now most of these lines have disappeared and the rest are almost gone. Compared to how bad it was, you can say they are gone. It’s a pity not more men and women know about the effectiveness of Carolyn’s program."

Men Do Care How They Look 

I decided to do a little research and find out just how men are viewing the anti-aging crisis that seems to be permeating our culture.

Everywhere I looked before I discovered facial exercises I saw very invasive forms of correcting the aging process and I came to the conclusion these invasive forms of looking younger can be more damaging than helpful in the long run.

Men seem to be very practical when it comes to their bodies and invading them with surgeries and such. It’s probably one more reason why so many more women than men opt for surgery and injections with needles. When interviewing men, however, I found that they are just as concerned as women are when it comes to looking younger. They just aren’t willing to go to such drastic lengths in order to achieve that look.

Here are the 4 favorite skincare products men purchase from CFF:

Facial Exercises are a Good Fix

While most people look terrific just after some surgical or invasive procedure, I’ve never seen anybody who ages well. They inevitably look distorted and need more “work” within five years. Also, the thought of surgery or surgical procedures involving needles and injecting a foreign substance into my body was not my idea of a good time.

With facial exercises, you age very well. You simply look more powerful, younger, smoother and healthier over time. They’re actually fun to perform and it’s easy to achieve a great look. Why should women be the only ones gaining this benefit? If you can exercise the body, why not the face?

Note: With CFF you are doing a lot of sliding across contracted muscles on the face. The question of facial hair possibly interfering with the exercises came up. Not to worry. This does not make any difference whether or not you are clean shaven or you have a beard. You’ll get the same great results with or without a beard. And, if you start with a beard, you’ll have a nice firm face to show-off if you shave.

With age the muscles will elongate as much as one-half inch by the time you’re in your mid-fifties. While women can look haggard over time, men look simply “aged”. Those baggy eyes and lines in the face with drooping jowls some people like to call “character” in a man … but ask any of you guys and you’ll say, “I look old”.

Why do men seem to age better than women when it comes to their skin?

If you look closely at the skin of men and women of the same age, you may have noticed that men seem to have fewer wrinkles than the women. Why is this? Well, there are a number of reasons. The structure of a man’s skin ages differently because its structure is different in a number of ways:

  • Men actually have thicker skin than women. That is, on average, the top layer of a man’s skin is 25% thicker. This is where most of the wrinkles are noticeable. Thicker skin means one is less prone to wrinkling.
  • On top of that, a man’s skin has a higher collagen content – that is more collagen means less wrinkling. Collagen is a fibrous protein found in skin, bone and other connective tissue.
    • Men lose collagen content more gradually than women, breaking down at about 1% per year.
    • Women lose collagen dramatically at the onset of menopause, resulting in thinning of the skin.
    • Consequently, because men have much more collagen than woman to start with, they do not develop the fine lines and wrinkles that often happen to woman at a later age.
  • Men secrete larger amounts of oil which in turn make a protective film on the surface of the skin. This in turn shields against moisture loss and excessive dryness.

This does not mean that men can forgo the benefits of facial exercises, of course. Facial exercises build muscle fiber giving a more defined and structured look to the face. They also stimulate connective tissue which in turn can “tighten” the skin.

It just means men have a slight advantage when it comes to wrinkling of the skin. This does not take into account sun damage, smoking and other life-style choices that can undo all the advantages of nature.

Most guys I know would not consider cosmetic surgery. This is a “female thing”. And, yes, while many more men are going this route, why not consider a fitness program for the face instead. It’s a lot less expensive, you will naturally look better and more handsome over time and it’s a masculine thing to exercise rather than to resort to such drastic measures as Botox or cosmetic surgery.

How To Stay Looking Young & Healthy

    • Keep those teeth of yours white. Either have your dentist do this or buy one of the many products for whitening teeth on the market today. Use a whitening toothpaste, too. White teeth take years off your age.
    • Moisturize your face. Dry, dull skin looks dreary and uninspiring. Don’t forget to moisturize around the eyes as well to help alleviate those lines. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands as men usually tend to abuse them more than woman. Keep a little hand cream and moisturizer in your desk at work and use it. Ageing hands are a dead giveaway of your real age.
    • Always use a sunscreen and if you want a tan, use one of the many great sunless tanners on the market today. The sun is the single most damaging thing to your skin and will age you fast with the dreaded brown age spots appearing as well as creating wrinkled, parchment like skin.
    • With shaving you are exfoliating off dead skin cells. Great for the condition of the skin and making it look fresh and revitalized.
    • Keep your brows neat and trimmed, especially between the eyes. The “uni-brow” is not very attractive.
    • Keep the nose and ear hair trimmed. As men age, hair seems to want to grow in all kinds of places it never did before. You can buy an ear and nose hair trimmer at your local drug store.
    • Wear color that compliments your skin and eyes.

Tips for wearing color:

  • Stay away from beige colored shirts. Beige is a bad color for almost anyone.
  • French blue is always a good choice. It’s flattering to almost any skin tone and it’s sexy looking.
  • Bright colored socks are a no-no! Designs like stripes or argyle are fine. Flashy colors are weird. However, lately there has been a fad of wild socks ... wearing a different one on each foot! 
  • Wear complimentary colors around your face that enhance, for example, those green eyes or dark hair. Choose colors that bring out the color of your eyes and make your hair stand out.
  • Stay away from loud patterns. They are distracting. I always think of a buffoonish clown whenever I see some guy dressed in loud clothes.
  • Take a look at the advertisements for men like Ralph Lauren or even the Brooks Brothers. These guys have great taste and are willing to take a chance with color.
  • Address your dark circles, your sagging double chin and jowls, those lines in the forehead, excessive crows feet as well as your neck with facial exercises. The CFF system has a 15 minute workout that is easy for anyone to do and the results are having a more powerful, younger, smoother and healthier looking face and neck.
  • Hit the gym or go for walks. Exercise helps you to maintain good posture, alleviate stress (that cause wrinkles) and increase blood flow (keeps the body well oxygenated) not to mention keeping you looking fit.

As more and more men become aware how easy it is to look more fit, healthier and younger as they age, they are coming over to facial exercises as a viable alternative to the invasive procedures being offered on the market today. Facial exercises are just an extension of bodybuilding. Why not exercise the face as well as the rest of the body?

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