Introducing CFF Bonus Exercise Video Clips

To further sculpt your face after you have established your foundational build.

What is the Foundational Build?

CFF’s 28 basic exercises you find in the CFF video program are designed to give your face an even, elegant and smooth result. The foundational 28 exercises are often all one needs to lift and shape the face into the firmer, younger contours of one’s youth or to preserve what we already have.

The combination of exercises helps to even-out distortions and lift and smooth the whole face and neck in a graceful way. There are also some new advanced moves you can make when executing the basic 28 exercises.

They are available here as the Advanced Bonus Tips for the basic 28. We are still aging, however, and even though we continue with the foundational exercises, sometimes they are not enough. Trouble spots need special attention.

Bonus Exercises  (free) to further sculpt the face and neck

While it is paramount that one always perform the basic 28 foundational exercises to help keep the integrity of balance in the face and neck, “bonus” exercises are a must for addressing trouble spots that need more attention.

For example, I could see my jowl area sagging a bit as I crossed over the 65 year-old-mark. So, I was inspired to work out routines for “advanced” or “bonus” exercises for those of us who felt we needed more as we aged.

Bonus Exercises take time to design

This process of designing exercise routines is a long, slow one as I have to see exactly which combination of exercises will give the best results and this only shows after months of using a particular technique. So, the routines go through many different generations before being offered to the public.

And, while all of the different “generations of exercise routines” do something to lift and sculpt the face and neck, some combinations are much more dynamic and give an optimum result. And, this I can only find out through trial and error with our team of testers, as well as asking, you the CFF client base to try them out and give me feedback, as well. So, I thank you all!

Bonus Exercises in the Store and on the CFF YouTube Channel

While CFF will be adding to the video store of bonus exercises on a regular basis, we are offering a number of exercises and routines for free and for purchase in our store, now. In our sample exercises channel, there are techniques and “must haves” which are free and then there are more complicated routines for sale in the store.

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