Introducing Carolyn’s Facial Formulas

The Year was 2009 -

The time has come. It’s been 4 years in the making – I can now offer you Carolyn’s Facial Formulas™, an affordable, mostly organic skin care line that gives fabulous results. You get high quality products at a reasonable price. All the shipping is “flat rate” keeping the postage way down, as well. Since 2024, you get "free" domestic shipping when you spend $50- or more! 

Radiant Skincare Schedule

When you buy the CFFormulas™ skin care line you also receive a daily “therapy schedule” so you’ll be using the least amount of product to get the best results.

This schedule is especially formulated for using these products along with specifically designed, easy to use facial exercises to help the product penetrate better into the skin, diminish fine lines and give the face a little toning at the same time. They are done in front of the mirror when you apply the product.

Best Result

The outcome is a younger, smoother more nourished-looking skin at the end of those thirty days. You will be astounded at the results! After your initial 30 day therapy month, you can then adjust your use of the products to keep this gorgeous skin in shape. Just be sure to carry out this schedule twice a year and adjust the daily routine the other ten months to fit your particular needs.


I’ve personally researched each individual ingredient and listed the results in the “ingredients demystified” section of the website for your perusal. Whew! That was a lot of work but well worth it. I tell you the how and why I chose natural and organic ingredients on the “Creating CFFormulas” webpage also for your perusal.

For more information, check out the store.

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