Face Firmer Massage Technique

Why I added the Face Firmer to the foundational build exercise routine

When first developing the CFF™ foundational facial exercises, we discovered that as the cheeks were building nicely and the jaw line was being restored, hollows, just under the upper cheeks started to appear.

While the nasal/labial fold lines (laugh lines) were also lifting out and the whole face and neck were taking on a more youthful build, these hollows were not desirable. Further research brought about the development of the Face Firmer massage technique and this was the solution to filling in the cheeks properly and keeping the face balanced and even.

Massage Technique

My question was, “How to fill in those cheek hollows while keeping the elegant and balanced build from the CFF™ 28 foundational exercises?” I started to research massage for the face. Since the CFF™ exercises are partly based on the technique from Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D.*, where he states because the muscles go through the skin, allowing us facial expressions, if we contract the muscles first and then slide across the skin, we not only firm-up the muscles, but we also firm-up the skin, as well, I wanted to be sure I kept this in mind when designing a balance for the foundational exercises.

Also looking at Sanford Benett** and his facial exercise techniques of firming the facial muscles where he coincidentally contracted the muscles first and then massaged the various cheek muscles, I decided to try and combine these two ideas and the Face Firmer massage technique was born.

The Face Firmer does more than I’d hoped!

As luck would have it, the Face Firmer proved to be more than just a balancing to the foundational exercises. I decided to try it along the jaw line to see if it would strengthen that area. Yes! It not only evens out and strengthens this part of the face, it also helps to restore and revitalize the jaw bone and cheek bones that medical science now states deteriorates with age.

Furthermore, because CFF™ is known to give the look of higher cheekbones, we’ve now added a new movement to the Face Firmer that will further define that elegant line and enhance the good-looks to the face even more. We also massage the upper part of the Masseter, so the Face Firmer also helps to lift the jowls. The muscles and skin are truly intertwined in the face!

In fact, doing ONLY the Face Firmer will help to firm the entire lower part of the face. However, if you want a good-looking build, one that lifts the cheeks giving the proper shape, smooths the laugh lines so they are lifted up and out and gives good over-all shape to the face and neck, you must also combine the Face Firmer with the foundational exercises.


Building the facial muscles, smoothing out the lines and wrinkles are all part of any good facial exercise program. Achieving the correct build so that one looks elegant, balanced and smooth, requires both facial building and massage to achieve the perfect, final result. And remember, it’s the combination of exercises in the CFF™ program that gives you the results you want.


Over the years we have added another great routine as an alternative to the Face Firmer, The Advanced Circle-up Rub. Please use this routine when you have time, in place of the Face Firmer!

*Frederick M. Rossiter, M.D.: A professor of anatomy and physiology and author of the book, Face Culture, Pageant Press (Copyright 1956) (Out of Print)

**Sanford Bennett, Old Age Its Cause and Prevention, The Physical Culture Publishing Company (Copyright 1912)

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