How Facial Exercises Work

How Facial Exercises Work

Carolyn’s Facial Fitness™, based on muscle resistance training, is a a genuine alternative to the many choices available for a younger fresher look! It’s a complete facial rejuvenation program – a non-surgical face lift targeting all 57 muscles of the face and neck.

It works by increasing muscle fibers through muscle resistance training, the principle behind all muscle-building exercises. Your cheeks lift and fill out, your face becomes firm and fit. Your double chin disappears; even the neck exercises build your muscles so that you create lift and firmness around the entire jaw line, as well! It’s a complete facial skin care treatment! And it’s all natural!

Enhance Your Complexion

Everybody knows that through exercising in a gym you can firm up the body and skin. Naturally, the same is true about the muscles in the face and neck. Isometric facial exercises are also part of this program to tone and enhance the beauty of the skin. Not only do they help to create the soft elegance that’s part of the build in the CFF™ program, they also help achieve a healthy complexion. Your skin’s ability to absorb moisture is increased. You’re working from the inside out.

Toned Muscles give a Youthful Look

You can tone the muscles of the face to create lift as in the jowl area and you can build muscle fiber to create rounded, full, young-looking cheeks. Muscles have an optimal length when properly toned to their axis or center. Muscles develop when they overcome resistance. To have a well-toned face you want the facial muscle to regain its original length that has been lost due to age, gravity, time or special circumstances. You can even correct and prevent the cording that happens on the neck with age. CFF™ is a complete program!
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The Right Combination Gives You the Look You Want

Naturally, not all facial exercises build the face in the same way. CFF™ face exercises are tested by a team of six people of different ages, gender and ethnicity to see exactly the build they give to the face and neck. They are then redesigned and integrated into the CFF™ system. All this is done before offering them to the public.

The 28 basic exercises in the foundational program offered on DVD in CFF™ is intended to give a very balanced build for both men and women.

As we age, we lose the underlying layer of fat, just beneath the skin. The loss of this fat is one of the reasons we look older and tired as we age. As you exercise the face, you actually enlarge the muscles, giving the appearance of a fuller more youthful look. As well, the increased circulation of blood can be as much as ten times greater than normal when you contract a muscle.

Facial Exercises Help Nutrients to Reach the Cells of the Skin

Face exercises allow more oxygen and more nutrients to reach the cells of the skin. Damaged cells are swept away. The result is a clear, healthy skin with good color. CFF™ is a complete anti aging skin care treatment!

Muscles and connective tissue are challenged through muscle/facial resistance training – the skin tightens up and wrinkles smooth out and disappear. Muscles properly toned and facial exercises performed in the right combination as they are in the CFF™ system, give a powerful, elegant and balanced build to the face. It is amazing! It’s a natural face lift! You actually regain that dynamic look of youth!

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