Facial Exercises – A Natural Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery Part II

Facial Exercises – A Natural Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery Part II

by Carolyn Cleaves

(See video clip for lifting the jowls and eliminating n/l fold lines, below)

Fast Results

Last time I talked about facial exercises and how it’s one of the fastest growing fitness programs happening today. How everybody knows that through exercising in a gym you can firm up the body and skin… well!  The same thing is true about the face. Only, it’s a bit faster in the face than in the body.

The muscles are attached to the skeleton, that is, bone to bone in the body. In the face many of the muscles are not only attached with one end into the skeleton, but the other end is attached directly into the skin or another muscle. This is great news for us face exercisers!  It means firming up the face, neck and skin show results faster than they show in the body!

Muscles Have Memory

Plus!  Muscles have memory!  If you exercise your face and neck for a couple of years and then stop for a while and gravity does its thing. Sigh…. Not to worry…. Once you start exercising again, the muscles will remember where you left off and soon, you’ll be back to where you were.

This means you go back to where you were when you stopped working-out in a few short weeks, regaining that youthful look you once had when exercising. NOW!  This also means that face exercises are completely natural. You stop…  gravity and time takes over… you go back to exercising and you reap the benefits! You have control.

Discovering Facial Exercises

I was first attracted to facial exercises only after I tried lots of other things to get rid of the sagging and bagging and wrinkling that was very apparent on my 52 year old face!!  I tried all the electronic gadgets… holding one such “zapper” to my face for 45 minutes a day. I lasted about three days and gave up. My arms were exhausted!  And, I didn’t really see much improvement…  I still had that double chin and all those rings around my neck. Not to mention the jowls. Hanging jowls was my inheritance. Super sigh!

Next, I discovered face exercises. I tried lots of programs on the market at the time and found them all lacking.  They were either too long or too short and ineffective, as well. I wanted something that wasn’t too aggressive and yet I wanted something that showed results—that lifted up my face and smoothed out my wrinkles. I also wanted to do it in less than 20 minutes. So many programs required 40 minutes worth of work-out time. This is why I finally designed my own program.

A Competent Program Gives the Best Results

I think it’s very important to get a face exercise program that’s competent, complete and of high quality. It should be one that covers all 57 muscles of the face and neck and can be completed in 15 minutes or so. Also, you want a program that’s easy to use and easy to learn. I think having a DVD or video is paramount in learning the face exercises. This way you will know for sure exactly how to do the face exercises properly. You have a live demonstration to which you can compare.

I found that face exercising is most effective when you’re building muscle and toning muscles to create lift and a younger, more youthful look. Skin naturally tightens up around a contracting muscle. Ten times more oxygen also goes to a contracting muscle.

This is great for the condition of the skin, as well. Look at what happens to your body when you work out?! The skin eventually tightens up around the exercising muscle. I had recently lost 50 pounds when I started exercising the face and neck. I can tell you that my neck is completely smooth and firm, and my jowls, double chin, hanging eyelids are all a thing of the past. In fact, people usually guess me to be about 45 years old. I love to look more than 32 years younger than I am!!!  Vanity at work… Sigh….

Youth Jumps

I had been doing the face exercises for almost nine years and to my astonishment I still had youth jumps. That is, in the first two years of face exercising, every three months or so, all of a sudden you look a bit younger than you did before. Then, the jumps get further apart. Then they happen every six months or so. I recently had a youth jump and I'm 77 years old. Somehow my face and jowls are just a little bit younger looking than before. So, I’m looking younger as I grow older. Amazing!

Firming Up Those Jowls

In Part 1 of this series, I gave a 5 minute substitute facial exercise routine to replace the foundational exercises when pressed for time. This time I’d like to give you the face exercise for firming up the jowls and eliminating the n/l fold lines. It’s called The Jowl Eliminator.

Perform once a day, 4 times a week for 8 weeks, going to 3 times a week thereafter or until you reach your goal.

I’m so grateful to have discovered face exercises. I love that I can fight the ravages of time in a natural way that’s even fun to do!

Note:  This blog has been updated from a 2006 article in a magazine, "Voices of Choices" a PNW area magazine that no longer exists.

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