Facial Exercise Routine for Firming the Neck and Double Chin

Comprehensive Neck Exercise

When researching why our neck ages so I could design a facial exercise that was effective in correcting an aging neck, I discovered many interesting facts* that led me to the development of The Brush” facial exercise. I was able to devise a routine that not only firmed-up the double chin area and smoothed the jaw line, but an exercise that firmed the neck and diminished or eliminated what I called banding or cording in the neck.  You know, those long skinny vertical lines that look like an umbrella turned inside out in a wind storm? This exercise also gets rid of the turkey waddle that is almost impossible to address in any other way.

Physiology of the Aging Neck

First of all, why does a neck sag? The platysma muscle literally wraps your neck and attaches to the facial muscles. However, these muscles do not have a fixed attachment like other muscles that attach to ligaments and bone. The platysma muscles are free-floating in the neck and actually are pulled forward by their own contraction. As you age, these muscles shorten, loosen and separate and this is what we call cording or banding. Consequently, as collagen and elastin fibers deteriorate and gravity continues to pull on the connective tissue in your body, the skin loosens and this is what causes the neck to sag and fall.

Can this be corrected without surgery?

In most cases, yes it can. First of all, one has to strengthen those platysma muscles with exercise, and as exercise stimulates collagen production which allows elastin fibers to grow in, you’re on your way to a smoother, stronger and more fit-looking neck. The Brush facial exercise not only lengthens these neck muscles back to the way they were before aging, but stimulates the subcutaneous layers as well as stimulating the skin. Consequently, the neck muscles tighten, the skin becomes more elastic and literally adheres more to the muscles, imparting a smoother, younger look. Banding disappears, the double chin area firms up, the skin becomes finer and the jaw line is restored. This does not happen overnight, but within 3 weeks of performing this exercise, The Brush, you will see significant improvement. Remember to always moisturize the area, first.

You can also add the Gulping Fish video, which is free and the Neck Ring Eraser video for $5.95 to further strengthen and smooth the neck. I also like to recommend the Jawbone Restorer video, also a freebee as we lose bone in this area as we age and this exercise will rejuvenate and restore the jawbone nicely!

* Source: Physician’s discussion on Aging Necks

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