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Sylvia Before Facial Exercises (Front)
Sylvia After Facial Exercises (Front)


1 Year

Before Sylvia started the facial exercises she had that tired look we tend to get as we age. Her cheeks were starting to fall and give her that flat-faced look, as well. Her crows feet were deepening. The space between her eyes was getting a bit crumpled and her neck “wattle” was on the way to being full blown. Her chin had taken on that lumpy look that seems to come with maturity. Her eyes were also starting to look a bit closed and her skin had lost its youthful luster. Sylvia has beautiful hair, and as her face becomes younger and smoother looking with the facial exercises, her hair will also help give her that youthful look.

One year later Sylvia appears at least ten years younger. She looks refreshed and vibrant. Her cheeks are round and high on her face and her lines are much less. The space between her eyes looks relaxed and her eyes are more open and twinkle youthfully and playfully back to you. Her chin is smooth and nicely shaped, now. Her complexion is finer and fresher looking than before. Sylvia’s neck is firming up and her double chin area is coming up nicely. Her nose is also looking more defined and youthful. She has that same gorgeous hair and a much younger looking, radiant face to match.

                                                                   "My Story"
Excerpts from Sylvia's emails to Carolyn:

"Grin, on the improved face front, must have made a quantum leap lately, over the last 3-4 weeks I've collected 2 "you look 20 years younger than X" comments (about different people my age), one "whatever you're doing, don't stop – you look fantastic" from someone I hadn’t seen for a couple of years, and yesterday a query from my cousin, who's also my age, on what I was doing with my skin that it looked so good...

What I notice most is the change in the whole colour and texture of the skin overall. It seems to be a lot more alive – that's certainly how it feels, too.

You will like this story... I was at the Mothers' Day Fun Run yesterday, we do one every year, and met this old running partner of mine from back in the '80s. About my age, I think, and I haven't seen HER for nearly 20 years, either. We were chatting and she said to me, "You look *just the same*. How do you do it? You look fantastic."

Sylvia is an accomplished novelist. You can read more about her and her books by going to:

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