Before Progress After
Sarito Before Facial Exercise
Sarito Facial Exercise Progress
Sarito After Facial Exercise


1 Year, 10 Months

4 Years, 8 Months

Sarito's eyes are puffy and drooping giving her a closed, small-eye look. Her cheeks are flat and saggy. Her jowls are hanging and she looks tired. Her complexion looks a bit dried out, too.

Now her eyes are large and bright giving her an "open eye" look. Her cheeks are higher on her face and rounded out nicely. Fine lines and that tired look are gone! She has better color to her skin.

Sarito has been doing Carolyn's Facial Fitness™ exercises for almost two years. She looks younger now than she did those two years ago when she first started facial exercises. CFF™ proves that it's a viable alternative facelift option. Sarito glows with a new, fresh radiance!

Here is Sarito after almost five years of facial exercises. She now has her hair in a natural color and she still looks younger than she did before she started CFF™.  Notice her eyes are open and slightly turning up. Her cheeks are a beautiful shape. Her jowls are completely lifted, now and she has a very beautiful contour to her jaw line.

The puffiness under her eyes is long gone and the deep nasal/labial fold lines (laugh lines) are now lifted up, too.

Her neck looks fit, firm, smooth and young. Her double chin area is trim. The space between her eyes continues to be flat and relaxed especially compared to the pinched look she had before starting CFF™.  Her complexion is fresh and youthful. Imagine all this - Sarito is without any make-up!


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