Before Progress
Margarita Before Facial Exercise
Marilyn's Progress 1

1 Month

Margarita is just starting facial exercises. She wants to address her very puffy "hereditary" eyes, dimpled chin and over-all tired look.

After one month of exercising the face, the tired look is starting to leave and her skin is starting to look more resilient.

Progress                   Progress
Marilyn's Progress 2
Marilyn's Progress 3

6 Months

10 Months

Six months into the facial exercising and Margarita's face and neck look smoother and younger. Her cheeks are starting to lift, her forehead is smoothing out and her chin is less rough looking. Her eyes are still puffy but it's less than before.

Ten months into exercising, Margarita's eyes are starting to be less "puffy". Her whole face is lifted up nicely and her chin is looking more rounded and soft, too. Her complexion is improved.

Progress After
Marilyn's Progress 4
Margarita After Facial Exercises

18 Months

4 Years 6 Months

One year, six months into facial exercising and dramatic results are evident. Puffy eyes are almost gone. Her whole face is lifted up and her neck is looking firmer, younger and smoother. Her chin is completely rounded-out with a youthful shape and she looks to be at least ten years younger than when she started.

Four and one-half years of facial exercising and Margartia looks younger than when she began. The hollows in her cheeks are completely filled-in. She accomplished this with the CFF™ fabulous massage technique that comes with the basic facial exercise workout. Margarita’s eyes are more open, her cheeks are a beautiful shape and her chin has smoothed out and is well-formed, now. Her complexion is more radiant and rosy. The hereditary circles under her eyes become a little bit less every year. She’s growing younger looking as she grows older.

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