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16 Months

20 Months

Katherine is an actress. Here is a before picture of her in one of her roles in a play. You can see that her skin looks a bit coarse and her lines on her face around her eyes and actually, over-all are quite prominent. Her skin actually looks a bit loose. Her neck is showing its age with rings as well. Her nose is starting to lose some of its attractive shape. She has small bags starting under her eyes. The nasal/labial fold lines (laugh lines) have lost their shape. Her chin is bumpy and rough looking. Her complexion looks “older”. She does have a twinkle in her eyes, however!

After 14 months of faithfully executing CFF™ facial exercises, Katherine shows great improvement. Her skin has smoothed out. Her crows feet lines are almost gone. Her cheeks have lifted up significantly. Her skin is tighter and firmer. She’s lost that “pinched look” she had from before. Her nasal/labial fold lines are smoothing out. She looks years younger than before.

Katherine After 18 months shows even more improvement. Her complexion continues to be gorgeous. The space between her eyes is flat and relaxed. The crows feet are almost gone. Her under eyes look smooth and firm. Her nasal/labial fold lines now have the perfect shape. The lines on her face are hard to see. Her neck is smoother and looking more fit. Her chin has the proper, smooth shape and her nose is more defined and shapely. Over all, Katherine looks many years younger and very beautiful compared to how she started just 18 months ago. If you’d like to contact Katherine as an actress, she is represented by Prestige Management - 212-239-6785

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