Progress After
Kate Before Facial Exercises (Left)

Kate Before Facial Exercises (Right)
Kate After Facial Exercises (Left)

Kate After Facial Exercises (Right)


4 Months

Looking first at Kate’s right profile you can see that she has very strong jowls starting to form. Follow with your eyes from the corner of her mouth and finish at her jaw line. You can also see the puckering happening at the jaw line along with the sagging under her chin. The beginnings of a double chin. Her eyes are not as open as they could be, either.

Looking at her left side, you see clearly the beginnings of her double chin and hanging jowls, as well. Her complexion is a bit pale and fatigued-looking, too.

After 4 full months of exercising with CFF™, Kate has managed several things. First of all she has started to lift up her jowls in a dramatic way. The double chin and “little skin thing” that was starting to come in is completely gone. Her cheeks are lifting up and her face no longer has that flat-look it was begging to get. Her eyes are opened up and her complexion is fresher and more even than before.

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