Face Exercise Customer

 When I first came to Carolyn, I had deep wrinkles and     creases especially on my lips. I had that little cross you   see just above the lip and under the nose. I'd had that   cross since I was quite young. As I aged, the wrinkles   on my lips were going deeper and deeper and my neck was very wrinkly! I had always wondered what I could do with my face so I wouldn't age so quickly. The creams I tried just weren't working. I felt I could never afford a really good face-lift and had noticed that my friends who had one had to keep having them!  So, when I heard about Carolyn's Facial Fitness, I wanted to try it. I took the course. I was very faithful! I did the exercises every day. I was very total with the program.

At first, the wrinkles opened up and flattened out and I saw the deep creases were diminishing. As time went on, they started to disappear altogether. As I did the exercises, the very deep cross on my upper lip - the horizontal line - had almost completely disappeared in a very short time. The bumps and lumpiness in my chin rounded out. My nose was getting back that "smooth" look it used to have. Even though I have some light lines, still, I feel very good. I call her program, "Yoga for the face". Since I've been doing these exercises, it's given me the courage to age gracefully and elegantly. My whole face has "lifted-up" so I really look younger than I am! I feel like I'm doing everything I can do, in a natural way and it feels very, very good. I've been doing the exercises for three years, now. I'm 57 years old.  Shanti