Before Progress
Marilyn Before Facial Exercise
Marilyn's Facial Exercise Progress 1


9 Months

Here is Marilyn in December of 2006. Notice that her jowls are hanging and her eyes have rings and some puffiness under them. Her cheeks look nice, but are losing some of their definition. Just under her chin and to the side, she has some "pouchiness" happening. Her nasal/labial fold line (from the corner of her nose to the corner of her mouth) is quite predominant.

Marilyn was in a bad auto accident and had other difficulties that prevented her from performing all of the CFF™ exercises on a regular basis. However, recently she has been able to do the CFF™ workout consistently for the past 2 months. You can obviously see her great improvement in just this short period of time. Her jowls have lifted up a lot. Her eyes not only look more even, they look rested and more vibrant. Her cheeks are tighter, smaller, higher-up and rounder, giving her a youthful contour to her face. The double chin area where some pouching was happening is becoming less, already.

Progress After
Marilyn's Facial Exercise Progress 2
Marilyn After Facial Exercises

10 Months

1 Year, 1 Month

Already you can see that Marilyn's cheeks are building and filling out, not only giving her a youthful, younger look, but you can see her jowls are also lifting up nicely. The area under her eyes is firmer and smoother and the rings are almost completely gone that were there before. Her nose is regaining more definition. Her complexion has improved, giving her a more youthful look, as well. Over all, Marilyn looks many years younger than she did before starting CFF™.

Marilyn continues to look younger and more elegant as she grows older. She is using the CFF™ facial exercise program on a regular basis. Marilyn's photo essay shows the progress of the "youth jumps". That is, you look a little bit younger every few months for the first few years when you exercise regularly with CFF™. Notice that Marilyn's complexion is not only more vibrant and younger-looking than before, but she also appears to look smoother, as well. Her eyes are firmer, giving her the appearance of a more youthful woman. She glows with a new found freshness. Marilyn is a fine artist. You can view her work here:  Marilyn's Art Work

Progress After
Marilyn After One Year
Marilyn December 2009

1 Year, 2 Months

3 Years

Marilyn has been performing the CFF™ program diligently for the last 14 months and the results are fantastic! She looks many, many years younger than she did when she started CFF™ in December of 2006. After she began in earnest with the program, she was able to regain the young, full, beautiful shape to her whole face, especially seen here in her perfectly shaped cheeks and well-defined jaw line. Her eyes are also more open. She has successfully lifted her jowls and smoothed out her skin, as well. The CFF™ program has simply allowed Marilyn to regain her beautiful, young-looking face and neck. She looks fresh and radiant, as well. You see Marilyn here, recently at one of her art showings.

Marilyn has now been using the CFF™ system for three years. In this photo she is only wearing eye make-up. Her complexion is even, smooth and beautiful. She has a young, healthy glow. Her jowls continue to lift, her cheeks are a very beautiful shape and over-all she looks years and years younger than when she first started the program. Here she is showing one of her beautiful hand-painted pillows that you can purchase on her website at Art by Marilyn

On her site, click on Marilyn's "news" link and see her on video. Notice how smooth her face looks now and what a beautiful, firm build she achieved with CFFitness™.