Laurie Dr

Dear Carolyn, Hello! Just a little note to say that I am really enjoying using your Facial Fitness skincare line, which I had ordered in July .I also wanted to thank you for the free gift that you had included with my package. I appreciate your kindness. I also really appreciate all the research and work that you have done for both your skincare line and the face exercise routine.
Wow. The results have been educational, inspiring, uplifting and MOTIVATIONAL!!! I like that there is no fragrance. The products DO feel very " clean " and absorb/hydrate so nicely.  I have pretty sensitive skin and have felt absolutely no ill reactions from your products.
I have been using the vit C , therapy serum and rehydrate cream on my very sun distressed arms/hands. Slowly they are also changing and feeling much happier. I had a strange red reaction to the apple cider addition in masque.... just used water instead and no problem. (apple cider vinegar is a glycolic acid and people with sensitive skin can have a reaction to it. We do NOT have any glycolics in any of our skincare products)
Lastly went back to your site and blog for another good read, and it's been great to learn so much about what one can do to empower their own skincare. All the best, Laurie
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