Hi Carolyn, My friends here have been telling me that I have not aged a bit since my 20s... I always had a good complexion but the CFF program really took what I have to a different level. I am loving the toned muscles in my face. All I have to tell my friends when they wow, you look terrific, is: "I do facial exercises…”
I feel sharing CFF with other women is like performing a sisterhood act. It has always broken my heart to see my friends spend 50 bucks on a mascara and spend hundreds of dollars on creams and injections. I ask them, what do you do when you want to tone your butt? Do you exercise or you spread some cream on it? The answer is obvious. And I ask them what do you do if the skin on your legs is itchy, flaky, your sun tan is peeling off? The answer is obvious, exfoliate and moisturize. So, just do the same for your face... It is so easy. I haven't been telling this to so many people, but just in the last week I spoke to 4 and they are all buying now. Take care, Su
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