Dear Carolyn,

I just ordered my kit this morning. My husband is buying it for me for my 46th birthday. Nice touch. He can use it too I think. He's 54 now, still cute, but I'm sure this will be good for both of us. I am soo looking forward to it. I've told my friend and my sister already. Cant wait to get some results so they believe me.  Thanks for answering my questions, it helped to make my decision. You come across as extremely friendly and open and approachable. The yoga connection helped me too. Beauty can be such a dodgy area. Promise the world and achieve nothing! 16 year old faces with touched up photos!  I love the idea of growing old gracefully. I don't mind growing old, if I don't have to look like a hag to do it. And the facelifts look terrible, like mannequins. So all I have to do are some exercises and I will be rewarded, I love that idea. Very healthy attitude. Also the 15 minute workout helped me decide too. I can handle that. Too long is unachievable and boring. Also I read the testimonials, actually went all over your site, and found it easy to use, and very down to earth. The testimonials, and your sharing of trying other programmes, and finding some good bits in each, but not enough in any, also swayed me to decide on your programme. It's like you saved me the experimenting, and just came up with the goods that work. Of course nothing is going to happen unless I actually DO the exercises. But, I have already been doing the four I got off your site. The ones with the pictures are easy, and there is one working on the corners of your mouth, given in one of the articles, and that didn't have pictures. I'm doing that one but I'm not sure what it is meant to look like, so that helped me realize I need pictures and the DVD to do the exercises properly. That helped me to decide on the pack with everything, so I can give it a proper go. Good marketing on your part.  Also you have been prompt in all our dealings, which has given me a sense that you are trustworthy and interested.  Thanks for listening, I thought you might like some feedback on your site and business, from across the miles. It helps us to see what works.  As I said I am looking forward to my kit. Thanks again for being vain. It helps others.

Kind regards 

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