Hello Carolyn.... It was a treat to get this lengthy, informative letter from you; somehow it makes one feel that they are not all alone. I am now teaching myself the "Jowl Eliminator" for you seem quite excited about your results. When I do the exercise, I am feeling most of the action on the opposite side of the face that I have the cheek muscle flexed. Is this as it should be? (YES, it is). When I do the "Pouch Lifter", I find that I invariably get muscle and skin pulled into an annoying roll as I come to the finish of the pull. I am now bracing with my other palm, in front of the ears and it seems to make the movement smoother. I hope that I am not diminishing any results by doing this? (This is fine to do. In the beginning, until the face firms up, you will have this "extra" skin. Not to worry. It will soon be firm and resilient. Yes!) Fay

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