Hello Carolyn! 

I really appreciate the reply, and it is very, and may I emphasize the word very, rare to get such a detailed reply back from a business owner when the consumer is inquiring about his or her products. I really appreciate the insight. I am in my mid twenties but I may have accelerated the aging process in my facial skin region by employing overly aggressive techniques on my skin during my teens to help combat and thwart acne. I am convinced I did more damage to my skin than good, and would love to get back some of the youth in the face so that I would be mistaken  for being my age or even younger rather than being mistaken for being older. I was also wondering do you have any tips for attaining or maintaining beautiful hair because from your pictures, it is evident that your locks and appearance are very beautiful and in no way resemble a sixty year old, thoughts no doubt echoed by your dentist. (There are tips for haircare as well as supplement information in the Workbook that comes with the Full Kit) Well, take care now, and I will most definitely be ordering the routine and hope to keep in touch with you. Thanks again  Sincerely yours,  Ajit

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